GlamourAid is an initiative that started in 2006 by Brigitte Willers to create a platform for celebrities/public personalities, artists, performing artists and businesses to give back to their communities and causes close to their hearts. GlamourAid hosts various events across a broad spectrum of industries to raise funds for various charities and causes.  GlamourAid also manages and conceptualize innovative and fresh projects to create a marketing angle whilst assisting charities at the same time.

“We try to do things a little bit differently and we also to set the benchmark a little bit higher to try and make every event an experience, the result of our fundraising initiatives speaks for itself..”

We create opportunities for;

  • Charities and Organizations and Projects aiming to raise funds
  • Corporates to invest CSI budgets with maximum R.O.I
  • Marketing and Co Branding Opportunities Service Orientated Businesses for Suppliers and Consumer products both big and small
  • Platforms for Celebrities and Artists to support causes close to their hearts and making a difference in South Africa

We go the extra mile to ensure both marketing and PR expectations are met and creating generous returns for corporates as well as the chosen charities and everyone else involved. We really provide a turn-key solution from conceptualization to finish and working with people and making a difference is really the main objective.